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Recommencement of Civil War in the Ukraine.

Recommencement of Civil War in the Ukraine.

According the Minsk Protocol, Ukrainian Government has to withdraw heavy weaponry 15 km from the zone of the conflict in the Eastern Ukraine (Novorossia), stop firing Donetsk and other cities of Novorossia, and start the process of decentralization of power.
But what do we see? 22 January Ukrainian military forces started to shell a city Donetsk, a capital of Donetsk Republic. The fire of Ukrainian army has destroyed a trolleybus; 13 civil people were killed and more than 20 are seriously wounded.
At the same time, Mr Poroshenko talks about the Ukraine as a Unitarian state with the only state language Ukrainian! What is going on! Does not he understand that his irresponsibility provokes an escalation of this conflict?

Ukrainian government should understand that every killed civilian makes this situation worse and worse! If they want to reunify state, Ukrainian government should respect people from the East and be responsible with the negotiation with the people of Donetsk and Lugansk Republics.

If war will continue and Novorossia survive for 1 more year, the process of independents of the Novorossian territories will pass a “check-point”. Without eastern parts and in the situation of permanent war, Ukraine will face deindustrialization and economical collapse!

Is it not clear?

Why to spend last money resources for war and violence?
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