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Lugansk and Donetsk want to be with Russia. Who is next?

Lugansk and Donetsk want to be with Russia. Who is next?

After sensational Victory of pro-Russian Anti-fascistic movement in Crimea and Sevastopol, pro-Russian movements are rising up in other regions of Southern and Eastern Ukraine.

Like Crimea, big Regional city of Lugansk wants to be Russia.

The voice tells: “Vladimir Putin! Please, take us! We are all Russians like you! We are all one nation! “

This is another big regional city, Donetsk,

At the same time, Kharkov, the biggest city in the Eastern Ukraine, is boiling up!

We can obtain one very interesting phenomenon.
During WWII, a lot of people from the West of Ukraine supported Germans; Eastern and Southern Ukraine, contrary, were very communistic, pro-soviet and anti-fascistic. Surprisingly, but 70 years after WWI, we can see that these historical archetypes are recovering in a slightly new forms. West of Ukraine wants to be with the Western Europe and particularly with Germany again; East and South want to be with Russia (we can see it as ex-USSR).
It looks for now, that pro-German “Euro-Maidan” movement is losing the strength and pro-Russian movements in the Eastern and Southern Ukraine are getting stronger and stronger.
2-3 months ago “Euro-Maidan” and “Right Sector” were protesters against regime. Now, they are regime and they are responsible for the situation in the country. Situation changed dramatically and very quickly. Couple of months ago they were freedom fighters, now they want to restrict freedom of political opponents from pro-Russian regions.

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